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April 20, 2024

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Unlock Your Potential in Healing and Transformation

The Family Constellations Practitioner Program

Become a Healing Circles Certified Constellations Practitioner.

Gain access to World-Class Instructors, Structured Curriculum, and our ecosystem of members passionate about Constellations

3 Modules

5 Days/Module of Tranining

April 20, 2024

Next Enrollment

For the Change-Makers who are passionate about growth, healing and alternative wellness.

Our Family Constellations Practitioner Certification is for you if the following resonates with you -

  • Seeking deeper understanding: If you're curious about exploring the hidden dynamics within family systems and uncovering the root causes of emotional patterns, this program is for you.

  • Committed to personal development: Whether you're on a journey of self-discovery or seeking to enhance your therapeutic skills, our program provides a supportive environment for personal growth and development.

  • Interested in facilitating healing: Whether you're a therapist, coach, or simply someone who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others, our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to facilitate healing and transformation.

Equip yourself with the power of Family Constellations - Learn from World Class Instructors in an environment designed for growth for like-minded people.

50 +

Student Success Stories

400 +

Client Cases Resolved

What is Family Constellations?

Our lives are a complex network of connections with our family, ancestors, friends and peers.

Family Constellations Therapy is the science that resolves conflicts and entanglements through our consciousness.

Family Constellations is a powerful modality that breaks repetitive patterns and behaviours, limiting beliefs and releases blocks that are an unconscious result of entanglements with your family system.

How do Constellations work?

Family Constellations work on the basis of Oneness -

Based on the Universal Law of Connectedness, in our case, the power we have to feel and experience others are feeling or have gone through.

Family Constellations leverage this innate understanding and use it to resolve patterns, trauma, generational beliefs and so much more. 

  • ​In Module 1, participants will gain a foundational understanding of family constellations and systemic dynamics. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, you'll learn essential facilitation techniques and begin exploring the intricate dynamics of family systems.

    Highlights Include : 

    • Explore the fundamental principles of family constellations and the systemic approach

    • Gain insights into various constellation methods, including the Teabag method and floor anchors

    • Develop facilitation skills through hands-on practice and interactive discussions

    • Learn how to select representatives and facilitate constellations effectively

    • Dive into ethical considerations and boundaries of constellation work

  • In Module 2, participants will delve deeper into advanced constellation methods and systemic work. Through comprehensive exploration and practical application, you'll refine your facilitation skills and gain a deeper understanding of personal themes within constellations.

    Highlights Include : 

    • Expand your knowledge of various constellation methods, including personal theme constellations

    • Enhance your facilitation techniques through practical application and experiential learning

    • Gain insights into systemic dynamics and deepen your understanding of family systems

    • Explore ethical considerations and boundaries in constellation work

    • Develop proficiency in facilitating constellations for personal growth and transformation

  • Module 3 focuses on advanced facilitation techniques and trauma awareness in constellation work. Participants will learn to facilitate constellations using a variety of methods, recognize signs of re-traumatization, and navigate ethical considerations with confidence.

    Highlights Include : 

    • Practice facilitating constellations using floor anchors and other advanced techniques

    • Engage in discussions and constellations led by participants, fostering collaborative learning

    • Develop trauma awareness and learn strategies for preventing re-traumatization

    • Discuss ethical considerations and boundaries specific to constellation work

    • Prepare for certification by demonstrating proficiency in facilitating various constellation methods

The Curriculum

Our Family Constellation Teaching Program is structured into three comprehensive modules, each designed to provide you with a deep understanding of family constellations and systemic work.

Each module includes group education, individual and subgroup homework assignments, reading books, and practical experience in conducting constellations and other systemic exercises

Module 1: Introduction to Facilitating Family Constellations

Introduction to foundational principles and systemic approach.

Day 1

Understanding the structure of constellations and dynamics.

Day 2

Exploration of different methods and practical exercises.

Day 3

Reflection and Integration of learning.


Structured learning on facilitation techniques.

Day 4

Practice sessions, reflection, and basic exercises.

Day 5

Module 2: Family Dynamics & Entanglements

Comprehensive exploration of methods.

Day 1

Practical application of techniques.

Day 2

Hands-on experience with systemic work.

Day 3

Reflection and Integration of learning.


Application to personal themes and homework introduction.

Day 4

Discussion on ethics and boundaries.

Day 5

Module 3: Learning to use different forms of Constellations

Advanced facilitation techniques.

Day 1

Participant-led discussions and practice.

Day 2

Understanding trauma and prevention

Day 3

Reflection and Integration of trauma awareness


Discussion on ethical considerations

Day 4

Conclusion, certification, and reflection

Day 5

Day to Day Schedule

Program Pathway

  • Module Duration and Format : Each module is 6 days long and is offline in-person.

  • Gaps Between Modules : There will be a minimum gap of 3 months between each module.

  • Student Work Between Modules : Review course materials, engage in self-reflection, and practice learned techniques with family and friends.

  • Our Support Between Modules : After each module you will have access to additional online guidance and workshops covering special themes.

  • Certification Criteria : Upon successful completion of all 3 modules, we will award you a certificate of completion. This certificate will be granted if you have attended all the program days and actively completed your homework assignments while participating in homework groups.

Meet Your Trainer

Meet Claes-Berend, a seasoned leadership coach and organizational consultant from the Netherlands specializing in constellations and systemic insights.


With over 20 years of experience, he has received systemic education from the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute and has collaborated with renowned practitioners in the field.

The founder of the Centre for Organizational Constellations and Systemica, where he educates other consultants in the use of constellations and systemic insights in their practices.

Trainer Credentials :

⭐ Founder - Centre for Organizational Constellations and Systemica

⭐ Director/teacher personal leadership  - Centrum voor Zelfbezinnin

⭐ Organizer and board member at Open Up spiritual festivals 

Worked with Bert Hellinger, translated books by Bert Hellinger from German to Dutch

As Seen on

Student Results

"A Detailed, Structured and Effective Program...

The team at Healing Circles has been amazing - my journey with enrolling into the program has been co-operative and seamless. The teacher is truly wonderful and the program made me realize this is exactly where I needed to be to learn Family Constellations.

Panjami Anand

Pranic Healer

"This has been Such an Eye-Opener..."

I am on a quest on finding what is there in our DNA that is affecting us across generations. This course has been an eye -opener. It has been an immersive and expansive experience - and is something I would invite people to experience for themselves.

Hemma Myers Sood

Author, Healer

"A Phenomenal Experience offering Deep Insights..."

I would absolutely recommend more people to experience Family Constellations! This was very new to me, but I felt the essence of Family Constellations being magnetic. Overall it was a phenomenal experience offering deep insights!

Saurabh Pandey


Take Your Next Step with Healing Circles

What's included:

✔️ Intensive learning with world-class trainers.

✔️ Detailed and structured curriculum.

✔️ Support and guidance between each module.

✔️ Find your tribe with fellow batchmates.

✔️ Access to the Healing Circles Ecosystem as a Certified Practitioner.

INR 41,300 / Module

Including GST

  • Our program is open to anyone interested in learning about family constellations, regardless of background or experience.

    Whether you're a therapist, coach, or simply someone passionate about personal growth, you're welcome to join us on this transformative journey.

  • The program consists of three modules, each lasting six days.

    Additionally, participants are encouraged to dedicate 6-8 hours per week between modules for studying, self-development, and practicing learned techniques.

    There will be a minimum gap of 3 months between each module.

  • Yes, upon successful completion of all three modules and meeting the certification criteria, you will receive a certificate of completion.

    This certificate acknowledges your participation, completion of homework assignments, and active engagement throughout the program.

  • There are discounts and scholarships available if you meet our eligibility criteria.

    To check if you are eligible please get in touch with us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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