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Admissions for next Batch Open! Enroll now

Admissions for next Batch Open! Enroll now

Life is Entangled.

Constellations Decode it.

Identify Patterns

What is making our life hard?

What is it that limits our progress?

The first step is to identify the patterns that dictate our behaviour and actions.

Understand their Origin

What created these patterns?

Understanding the origins of our behavior is key.

Take a closer look at the events, beliefs, and experiences that shaped these patterns.

Resolve and Heal them

How can we break free from these patterns?

Use the right healing modalities and techniques.

Healing is what allows us to come to our true potential

The Secret to Overcoming the gap between who you are and who you want to be...

What is Family Constellations?

Our lives are a complex network of connections with our family, ancestors, friends and peers.

Family Constellations Therapy is the science that resolves conflicts and entanglements through our consciousness.

Family Constellations is a powerful modality that breaks repetitive patterns and behaviours, limiting beliefs and releases blocks that are an unconscious result of entanglements with your family system.

How Can Family Constellations Help Me?

Resolve Financial Blocks

Improve Relationships

Career Growth

Root Cause of Health Issues 

Navigate Life Transitions

Discover Family Dynamics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach that explores family dynamics and hidden patterns to promote healing and resolution.

  • Family Constellations involves representing family members and observing the dynamics to uncover underlying issues and facilitate healing.

  • Family Constellations can assist with a range of challenges, including:

    • Relationships: Gain understanding and resolve conflicts.

    • Personal growth: Unlock new strengths and overcome limitations.

    • Trauma: Find healing and closure from past experiences.

    • Career: Gain clarity and overcome obstacles.

    • Health: Identify underlying factors and facilitate healing.

    It is a powerful and versatile modality offering deep insights and healing possibilities across various aspects of life.

  • Our training programs offer a comprehensive exploration of Family Constellations theory and practice, including experiential learning, case studies, and supervised practice sessions.

    Participants will gain practical skills, deep insights, and personal transformation, empowering them to facilitate constellations effectively.

  • Our Family Constellation Teaching Program is structured into three comprehensive modules, each designed to provide you with a deep understanding of family constellations and systemic work.

    Each module includes group education, individual and subgroup homework assignments, reading books, and practical experience in conducting constellations and other systemic exercises

    To read more about each module in detail visit the program page

  • Healing Circles brings internationally recognized trainers to you with a tried and tested, structured curriculum. 

    Our focus lies on providing the best experience for students to learn this modality and continuing support after graduating from the program. 

    By becoming a Healing Circles Certified Practitioner you gain access to a community passionate about alternative healing, dedicated support and learning from world class trainers.

Healing Circles transformed my skepticism into profound healing. Grateful for the sacred atmosphere and newfound peace.

Aarav S.

Healing Circles sheds light on intergenerational patterns with embrace of vulnerability. Highly recommended for emotional well-being.

Priya P.

Healing Circles transformed my family dynamics, unveiling hidden issues and improving communication. A heartfelt recommendation for harmony and healing.

Rajiv K.

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